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The Cloud is a single-seater legendary vehicle in Adopt Me! that used to be available as a legendary prize in the November 2018 Gifts rotation. It can now only be obtained through trading.


The Cloud is a small white cloud that levitates slightly off the ground and leaves behind a unique rainbow trail. It contains only one seat, no steering wheel, and no wheels. Despite being a cloud, it cannot fly and is only restricted to levitating.

In the inventory, the Cloud has a classic rainbow stretching from left to right. However, the Cloud doesn't actually have a rainbow on top of it during normal game-play, though the rainbow in its icon probably hints at the rainbow trail that it leaves behind.


The Cloud is pretty good in terms of speed; it is slightly faster than the Bathtub, but not as fast as the Monocycle. In terms of steering, the Cloud does pretty well with turning. The Cloud has only one seat, making it unsuitable for people wanting to carry more than one pet or other passengers. The Cloud's biggest drawback is that it has a tendency to tip over and get stuck on things, making it difficult to navigate on bridges and tight areas.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Unique rainbow trail effect. Falls over easily.
Legendary. Hard to obtain.
Smooth driving, Only seats one player, no passengers.


  • The Cloud has one of the brightest trails out of all of the vehicles in the game.
  • Players often confuse the Cloud with the Rainbow Stroller.