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The Clothing Store was a shop in Adopt Me! where players could buy various types of clothing. It was removed after the Dress Your Pets Event to make room for the Accessory Shop, and has now been replaced by the Baby Shop. The Clothing Store's respective NPC was Sophie.

In 2017, when there was no dress-up menu, players would have to go to the Clothing Shop to buy clothes such as shirts, pants, and hats. Players were also able to try on the clothes before buying them with Bucks.png Bucks.

After the Dress-Up menu was released, the clothes were removed and players could only buy articles of clothing such as wings, trails and faces, which can now only be found in the dressing menu. The most expensive trail has a cost of Bucks.png 40,000.

The Clothing Store was most likely chosen to be removed as it was made redundant with the introduction of a more complex dressing menu, which allowed players to easily purchase clothes without having to travel to the Clothing Store. It was replaced with a premium plot when it was removed.