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The Christmas Shop was a shop in Adopt Me!Β created for the Christmas Event (2019) where players could buy Christmas Presents to have a chance of getting a vehicle, pet, or toys. It was not run by anybody and players could buy items here with gingerbread, which was the event's currency. It could be found in the Winter Village.

The Christmas Shop was the Christmas counterpart of the Candy Trading Shop.

In the Frost Dragon update, the Frost Dragon was added in the Christmas Shop, which could have been purchased for Robux 1000. There was also a Santa Dog update on Christmas Day. The Santa Dog pet (now called Dalmatian) cost Robux 250. Both pets are no longer sold and now only obtainable through trading with other players.


Gift Cost (Gingerbread Men) Rarity Legendary Chances Egg Chances
Christmas Gift Gingerbread 1440 Legendary 1% 30%
Golden Gift Gingerbread 4300 Legendary 2.5% 80%


Toy Usage Rarity
Candle Lights up Common
Christmas Star Frisbee Throw it and your pet will fetch for it Uncommon
Santa Leash Hook your pet to it Common
Cookie Dough Plush Does nothing other than hugging it Common
Sleigh Bells Rattle Does nothing other than shaking it Rare
Ice Club Rattle Does nothing other than shaking it Uncommon
Ice Pick Grappling Hook Hooks on to anything when clicked in a certain spot Ultra-Rare


Main Article: Christmas Pets

Pet Rarity Cost Image
Robin Common None
Wolf Uncommon None
Polar Bear Rare None
Swan Rare None
Elf Shrew Rare Gingerbread 23000
Arctic Fox Ultra-Rare None
Santa Dog Ultra-Rare Robux 250
Elf Hedgehog Ultra-Rare Gingerbread 80500
Arctic Reindeer Legendary None
Christmas Egg Legendary Gingerbread 1440/4300 (From Christmas or Golden Gifts)
Frost Dragon Legendary Robux 1000


Vehicle Rarity Seats
Sled Rare 2
Ice Queen's Sleigh Ultra-Rare 1
Santa's Sleigh Legendary 2

Gift Rarity

Gift Common Uncommon Rare Ultra-Rare Legendary Christmas Egg
Christmas Gift 30% 21% 10% 8% 1% 30%
Golden Gift 0% 0% 7.5% 10% 2.5% 80%

Egg Rarity

Egg Common Uncommon Rare Ultra-Rare Legendary
Christmas Egg 45% 33% 14.5% 6% 1.5%


RobloxScreenShot20191214 122657758

Front of the Shop

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Toy Display

RobloxScreenShot20191215 124550447

Vehicle Display

RobloxScreenShot20191215 125017678

Pet Display

RobloxScreenShot20191215 125203111

Buy More Gingerbread!

RobloxScreenShot20191215 125022024

The Balcony of the Shop

RobloxScreenShot20191220 161534637

The Frost Dragon

Santa Dog

Santa Dog pet

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