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The Christmas Gift is a limited legendary gift in Adopt Me! that was released during the Christmas Event (2019) along with its counterpart, the Golden Gift. It was available for purchase from December 14, 2019, up to January 11, 2020. Costing players around Gingerbread.png 1,440 to buy, the Christmas Gift could open into the Christmas Egg, a toy, or a vehicle. It could be bought in the Christmas Shop while the event was active. It was previously located on the Soccer Field.


The Christmas Gift features a yellowish-green box with a bright red ribbon around the four sides, which joins at the top to create a traditional standard bow.

Obtainable Items

Item Image Rarity Chances
Candle AM.png
Common 30%
Cookie Dough Plush
Cookie Plush.png
Santa Leash
Santa Leash.png
Christmas Star Flying Disc
Christmas Star Flying Disc.png
Uncommon 21%
Ice Club Rattle
Ice Club Rattle AM.png
Rare 10%
Sleigh Bells Rattle
Sleigh Bells Rattle.png
Ice Pick Grappling Hook
Ice Pick Grappling Hook.png
Ultra-Rare 8%
Ice Queen Sleigh
Ice Queen Sleigh In Inventory.png
Christmas Egg
Christmas Egg.png
Legendary 30%
Santa Sleigh
Santa Sleigh In Inventory.png