The Christmas Egg is a limited legendary egg in Adopt Me! that was obtainable during the Christmas Event (2019).

To obtain a Christmas Egg, players must purchase a Christmas Gift (Gingerbread.png 1,440) or Golden Gift (Gingerbread.png 4,300) for a 30% or 80% chance of receiving a Christmas Egg, respectively. From hatching a Christmas Egg, players can obtain one of six pets; the Robin, Wolf, Polar Bear, Swan, Arctic Fox, or Arctic Reindeer.

As its respective event has ended, the Christmas Egg is only available through trading or by opening a Christmas Gift.


The Christmas Egg is a brown egg adorned with pine boughs, ornaments, and a yellow star on top, presumably made to look like a Christmas tree. The sphere ornaments are scattered around the egg, the ornaments are blue, green, red, and yellow.

Christmas Egg Pets

Note: This table only includes the pets that are obtainable from the Christmas Egg. For all the Christmas Pets, including the pets that cost Gingerbread.png Gingerbread or Robux.png Robux, see the Christmas Event (2019) page.

Pet Image Rarity (chance)
Robin Pet.png


Wolf Pet.png


Swan Pet.png


Polar Bear
Polar Bear Pet.png
Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox Pet.png


Arctic Reindeer
Arctic Reindeer Pet.png



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