This is a list of all of the Vehicles that could be obtained during the 2019 Christmas Event. As this event ended, all of the following vehicles are no longer available, and can only be obtained through trading.


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The Sled can be obtained through tradingย or by opening up a Christmas Gift or a Golden Gift. It's a wooden sleigh with some metal parts. It is a two-seater vehicle and classified as rare andย is the only rare Christmas vehicle. It is the easiest vehicle you could get from a Christmas Gift.

Cookie Unicycle

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Cookie uni

The Cookie Unicycle is a single-seater ultra-rare vehicle that could be obtained for free during the 9th day of the Advent Calendar. It is a unicycle with a cookie as it's wheel, and a seat that also appears to have a cookie-like texture to it. It presumably references cookies and milk, a meal that kids often leave for Santa Claus next to the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.

Ice Queen Sleigh

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The Ice Queen Sleigh is a single-seater ultra-rare vehicle that is a light blue sleigh with a blue lantern at the front which shines all the time when you pull it out of your inventory. It could be obtained by opening up a Christmas Gift or a Golden Gift.

Santa's Sleigh

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The Santa's Sleigh is a two-seater vehicle and, can be obtained through by opening up a Christmas Gift or a Golden Gift. It is a red sleigh with golden lining. It leaves behind a golden trail of sparkle, to emphasize the magical element. It is also one of the only vehicles that can hover over water with the other ones being the Hoverboard and Surfboard. It is classified as a legendary, and is also the only vehicle in the 2019 Christmas Event to be classified as such.

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