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The Chocolate Milk is a common food item in Adopt Me! that can be bought for Bucks.png 2. It can be used/interacted with five times before disappearing from a player's inventory. It can be used to replenish a baby or pet's "Thirsty" ailment.

The Chocolate Milk can be found next to the Hotdog in the Farm Shop. Previously, it could have been found in the Green Groceries before the Farm Shop Update (2021), where it was moved to the Farm Shop.


  • A VIP variant of the Chocolate Milk, known as the VIP Chocolate Milk, can be found in the VIP room inside the Nursery. VIP players may enter the room and consume the VIP Chocolate Milk for free. However, the VIP Chocolate Milk will disappear from the player’s inventory after they leave the game.
  • When fed to a pet, the Chocolate Milk transforms into the Water. The Adopt Me! developers explain that this was because regular pets cannot drink chocolate in reality without getting sick.
  • In the Farm Shop, the Chocolate Milk is found in a crate, whereas in the Green Groceries, it was found in a fridge.