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Not to be confused with Chick or Easter 2020 Egg.

The Chick Head (specifically known as Adopt Me, Chick! on the ROBLOX Catalog) was one of the exclusive eggs that could be obtained in the Roblox Easter Egg Hunt 2020 Event.

When a player hatched an Easter 2020 Egg, they got a badge, the Chick pet, and the Chick Head item for their Roblox avatar. It was completely free to get during its the event and didn’t require looking for anything: all players had to do was to join Adopt Me! and click the Easter button.

After the Easter 2020 Event ended on April 28, 2020, the Adopt Me! Chick Head and the Easter 2020 Egg were no longer available. The Chick is still hatchable for players who obtained the event egg before the event ended, but this pet cannot be traded. If players hatch the Easter 2020 Egg now, they will still receive the Chick, but not this hat.


The Chick Head has black beady eyes, a yellowish-orange beak, and red cheeks. The exterior is yellow, and when seen from the inside, it appears a solid yellow as well.