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Not to be confused with Chicken, Chick Hat, Chick Head, or Chick Plush.

The Chick is a limited common pet in Adopt Me!. It could be obtained for free during the Easter 2020 Egg Update. When a player hatches the Easter 2020 Egg, they got a badge and an exclusive item for their avatar. Since the egg was temporary, if players didn't play during the Easter 2020 Egg Update, they did not receive the Easter 2020 Egg. The Easter 2020 Egg can still be hatched, and players can still obtain a Chick out of it.

This pet is permanently non-tradeable according to the Adopt Me! Team, therefore a Neon or Mega Neon version cannot be created. Although members of the Adopt Me! team might have Neon or Mega Neon Chicks, it is impossible for a non-developer player to obtain one.


The pet Chick has a bright yellow body, small yellow wings, a round yellow head with two black eyes and an orange beak, and small orange feet and a small yellow tail.


  • It is a limited pet and cannot be traded just like the Pet Rock, Pumpkin, Scoob and 2D Kitty.
  • There have been several sightings of Neon Chicks as of May 15, 2020. However, those Neon Chicks are only owned by members of the Adopt Me! team or exploiters.
  • Once a player has received the Easter 2020 Egg, whether it has been hatched or not, it is impossible to get rid of. Therefore, they are permanently inside your inventory.
  • Although the Chick is not tradable, you can still feed Ride-A-Pet Potion and Fly-A-Pet Potion to it. It is still ride-able and fly-able.
  • It has two counterparts, the Chick Hat pet accessory and the Chick Head, a Roblox Avatar Hat.