A player holding a Chick

The Chick is a limited pet in Adopt Me! that could be obtained for free during the Easter 2020 Egg Update with the Easter 2020 Egg. When you hatch this out of the Easter 2020 Egg, you will get a badge and an exclusive item for your avatar. This pet is permanently not tradeable according to the Adopt Me Team, therefore a neon and mega neon version cannot be created, unless by admins. Although some buggers and admins have neon chicks, it is almost impossible to get one. The Chick could've been hatched by players with the Easter 2020 egg, but the Egg was temporary, therefore, if players did not hatch the check while the egg was out, they did not obtain the Chick. There is no possible way to obtain the chick after the Easter Update without hatching the 2020 Easter Egg.


A Neon Chick (unobtainable)


The pet Chick has a yellow body, with black eyes, orange beak and small feet.


  • It is a limited pet and cannot be traded like the Rock and Scoob.
  • There have been several sightings of neon Chicks as of May 15, 2020. However, the neon Chicks are owned only by admin players or hackers.
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