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The Chameleon is a legendary pet in Adopt Me!. It was released on January 27, 2022, during the Task Board Update. It can be obtained by opening an RGB Reward Box at a 4.5% chance or through trading.


The Chameleon features a green-colored body with a pastel yellow underbelly and a curled tail. It has bright green stripes on its head and casque, with yellow-outlined stripes placed horizontally down its back. Additionally, the tips of its feet are pastel yellow. The Chameleon has two beady black eyes and black-colored nostrils.


Here are the tricks the Chameleon learns in order:

  • Newborn - Sit
  • Junior - Joyful
  • Pre-Teen - Beg
  • Teen - Jump
  • Post-Teen - Trick 1
  • Full Grown - Trick 2

Neon Appearance

The Neon Chameleon glows cyan on the tips of its feet and stripes.

Mega Neon Appearance

The Mega Neon Chameleon cycles through the colors of the rainbow on the same areas as the Neon Chameleon.