Propellers are Toys in Adopt Me! that can be used as a means of transportation. Players can hold Propellers like any other normal toy, but they can also fly with them by clicking the left mouse button. Once the player begins flying with the propeller, they can use the mouse on the desktop version or the standard movement controls on the mobile version to adjust their path. Players can stop flying by pressing space, and adjust their altitude by pressing space and the left mouse button continuously until they reach their desired height. Players can't use the Propeller while holding a pet or a baby. The Propeller will briefly fly before getting stuck and freezing in place, disallowing the player from flying any higher.

Despite the numerous amounts of Propellers in Adopt Me!, they all serve the same purpose, and each Propeller is merely a skin. The controls for every Propeller are also the same. However, some Propellers have additional and sometimes unique particles and effects, such as the Angelic Propeller. Propellers also come in different rarity levels, varying from common to ultra-rare.

Propellers are similar to the Glider in that they are both toys that possess the ability to fly. However, the Glider is generally much easier to control than Propellers, and it also allows the player to hold pets and babies while flying with it.

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