The Cat is one of the two starter pets (the other being the Dog) that players can obtain from the Starter Egg. It is classified as a Common Pets and is free, but if players want to obtain it again, they must either trade it, or buy eitherย aย Cracked Egg (Bucks 350) or a Pet Egg (Bucks 600).


The Cat has a shady grey body, with black eyes, slightly mauve/grey ears, and a similarly colored nose. It has stubby whiskers.

Neon Appearance

The neon cat glows hot pink on its ears, paws, whiskers and nose.

Neon Cat

Neon Cat

Mega neon cat

Mega Neon Appearance

A mega neon cat glows in the same areas as a regular neon cat, except for those areas glowing through the colors of the rainbow.


Here are the tricks a can cat learns in order:

  • Sit - Newborn
  • Lay Down - Junior
  • Bounce - Pre-teen
  • Roll Over - Teen
  • Backflip - Post-teen
  • Dance - Full-grown
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