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The Cash Register is a furniture item in Adopt Me! that allows players to transfer bucks to another player. It costs Bucks.png 100 in the Furniture and is located in the Pizza Place Category.


The Cash Register, true to its name, is a standard light-gray cash register.

The Gold Cash register has a mostly gold outer design with some black. It also has a few crystals in the middle of some red dots.


  • The Cash Register was disabled for a few months and was brought back in the Trading Update.
  • The limit of the amount players were able to pay at a time was previously Bucks.png 100, but was lowered to Bucks.png 50 after the Trade Update.
  • Players can pay up to 3 times consecutively, up to a total of Bucks.png 150 before the Cash Register is β€˜overloaded’.
  • Once the Cash Register is overloaded you have to wait a small amount of time until you can use it again.
  • The Gold Cash Register is a variation of the Cash Register and has the same properties.