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Not to be confused with Race Car Stroller.

The Car Stroller is an uncommon stroller in Adopt Me! that could be found in the Baby Shop to the left of the Droplet Stroller for Bucks.png 450. Upon purchasing, players are able to select the color of the stroller, although it cannot be changed after purchase or after being traded. The Car Stroller is mainly used to transport a baby or pet, and does not have any other uses. It can hold one baby or pet at a time and cannot be driven as a vehicle. It was removed from the game on June 24, 2021 and can only be obtained through trading.


The Car Stroller resembles the front side of a basic car in Adopt Me!. It has four black-colored wheels and has two yellow headlights in the front. Where the baby or pet sits, there is a black seat. At the back, there is also a black and blue handle that a player holds on to when the stroller is equipped.