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The Car Showroom is a shop in Adopt Me! where players can buy non-limited vehicles. The shop's respective NPC is named Rich.

At the release of the game, the Car Showroom used to be the only way one could obtain vehicles with Bucks.png Bucks.


The Car Showroom's appearance is very modern and sleek. The building is mainly white and black and is covered in warm-colored windows. The building has a sunroof over the doorway and a patio in front of the doorway. On the sides of the patio are planters with three small green trees. On top of the building is a large model of a white Convertible car.


This is a list of items that are available to buy in the Car Showroom, all of which are vehicles.

Item Rarity Cost Seats
Bike Common Bucks.png 75 1 Seat
Multi-Bike Common Bucks.png 300 2 Seats
Motorcycle Common Bucks.png 400 1 Seat
Car Uncommon Bucks.png 900 2 Seats
Tiny Convertible Uncommon Bucks.png 1,100 4 Seats
Offroader Rare Bucks.png 1,200 4 Seats
Camper Van Rare Bucks.png 1,600 6 Seats
Muscle Car Ultra-Rare Bucks.png 1,800 2 Seats