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The Car is an uncommon two-seater vehicle in Adopt Me! available for purchase in the Car Showroom for Bucks.png 900. It can also be obtained through trading.


The Car's current design is that of a common everyday coupe, with the front grille of the vehicle bearing a close resemblance to that of the pre-facelift Tesla Model S. The Car's older design was a less realistic blocky shape. It, along with all the other vehicles available for purchase in the Car Showroom, has multiple color options, though its color cannot be changed once bought or if it is obtained through trading with other players.


The Car is currently the slowest four-wheeled vehicle available in the Car Showroom, however, it is also the cheapest. It can be useful for new players that need to quickly obtain a two seater vehicle without having to deal with the incredibly slow speeds of the cheaper Multi-Bike or the higher cost of vehicles such as the Tiny Convertible or the Muscle Car.

Its availability and low price make it for a good first purchase for new players that want a way to get around the map with another passenger or pet, although the lack of back seats and its slow speed can be a downside if a lot of people need to get somewhere quickly.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Very cheap and easy to obtain. Slow.
Configurable colors (only during purchase). Two seats might not be an adequate amount for players that travel with more than two players/pets.
Has 2 seats, allows a passenger. Handling can sometimes be unpredictable; Does not go over bumps too well.