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The Candy Trading Shop was a shop in Adopt Me!, where players could buy Halloween toys, vehicles, and pets during the 2019 Halloween Event. It was ran by the Headless Horseless Headman, an NPC. Players could buy items there with Candy, the 2019 Halloween Event and the 2018 Halloween Event currency. It could be found near the Graveyard.

All Items and Pets

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Item Cost of Candy (and/or Robux) Rarity
Shadow Dragon Robux 1,000 Legendary
Zombie Buffalo Candy Icon 36,000 Ultra-Rare
Evil Unicorn Candy Icon 108,000 Legendary
Bat Dragon Candy Icon 180,000 Legendary
Pumpkin Carriage Candy Icon 63,000 Legendary
Crossbow Grappling Hook Candy Icon 14,000 Ultra-Rare
Banjo Candy Icon 6,000 Uncommon
Cauldron Stroller Candy Icon 7,000 Rare
Creepy Balloon Candy Icon 2,000 Common
Throwing Pumpkin Candy Icon 3,000 Uncommon
Axe Rattle Candy Icon 2,500 Uncommon
Skeleton Pogo Stick Candy Icon 4,000 Uncommon
Ferris Wheel Propeller Candy Icon 10,000 Rare
Buy More Candy! Robux (varies on the number of candies) None


  • This is one of the special occasions/limited-time shops.
  • The Bat Dragon was the most expensiveย pet in the shop that could be bought with Candies.
  • The Shadow Dragon is the only pet that costs Robux in the shop.
  • Candy has been in multiple updates, in the 2017, 2018, and 2019 Halloween events.
  • The Pumpkin Carriage was the most expensive item was not a pet in this event.
  • The Banjo is the third toy that plays a sound when interacted with. There are five toys in Adopt Me! that produce sound.


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Right Side of the shop

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The Shop

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Left Side of the shop

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Graveyard with pets

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Back of the shop

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Graveyard as since of Part 2 (or 10/25/2019)

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Wrapping Up the C.T.S

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