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The Candy Corn is a common food item in Adopt Me! that is shot out of the Candy Cannon. In the future, the Candy Cannon will be fixed to shoot out Candy (Currency) as it previously did. [1]

When the Candy Cannon shoots out Candy Corn, players can go up to the Candy Corn and collect it. The Candy Corn automatically appears in the player's inventory once they collect it. Players can feed the Candy Corn to their pets or eat it themselves.

When eaten, it increases the speed of the player, similar to the Hyperspeed Potion, Candy (Food), Chocolate, Chocolate Twist, Chocolate Drop, Ice Tub, Cookie, Cotton Candy, and Honey Candy. The more Candy Corn the player eats, the faster their speed becomes.


The Candy Corn is triangular shaped with yellow, orange, and white stripes.

It leaves a white trail when held, which fades around the back.


  • The Candy Corn's appearance in-inventory was changed shortly after its release.
  • The Candy Corn is tradable.
  • The Candy Corn stays in the players' inventory after leaving the game.