Candy Cannon Gamepass

The Candy Cannon is classified as a limited legendary toy in Adopt Me! that was available as a Gamepass during the 2018 Halloween Event for Robux 2000. As the 2018 Halloween Event ended, the Candy Cannon is currently unavailable and can only be obtained through trading with other players.

Candy Cannon can shoot an unlimited amount of Candy. The candy shot from the cannon turns into lollipops when a player picks it up. When eaten, they increase the player's speed until they reset or leave the server, much like the effects of the Cookie, Hyperspeed Potion, and the Cotton Candy. Players can hold up to 5 lollipops at a time through collecting candy from the Candy Cannon, but it is possible to obtain more than 5 lollipops through giving them away or trading them.


Candy cannon

A player holding the Candy Cannon

  • The Candy from the Candy Cannon can't be used again in any events with a candy currency.
  • The Candy Cannon is currently the most expensive gamepass item to ever be sold in Adopt Me!
  • It is one of the three Legendary toys currently in Adopt Me!, the other two being the Flying Broomstick and the Staff Ingredient.
  • NewFissy, one of Adopt Me!'s main developers, has said that the Candy Cannon was priced way too high and that the team will avoid adding such high-cost items going forward.
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