Candy is a common food item in Adopt Me! that was obtainable during the 2018 Halloween Update and Halloween Event (2019) by participating in Halloween Events. Alternatively, the Candy could be obtained by using a Candy Cannon, which cost Robux 2000 while it was available. Candy is now only obtainable by using the Candy Cannon.

Other foods that also increase the speed of the player include Cotton Candy, Cookie, Hyperspeed Potion, and such event foods.

Candy Hunt

Candy Hunt

Earning Candy

Candy could be earned by players through doing the activities in the Halloween events (refer to below) and buying it with Robux .

Candy Hunts

This event occurs every night in Adopt Me!. In order to earn candies from this activity, players must find the randomly scattered Candy in Adoption Island. The scattered Candy takes the shape of candy corn, lollipop, or bat cracker. In total, there are 40 pieces of Candy that were dispersed around the map, and each piece of Candy that is found earns the player Candy Icon 30, making the maximum amount of Candy players can earn from the activity Candy Icon 1,200.

The Graveyard


The Graveyard

Another way players could earn Candies is by playing a mini-game in the Graveyard, which takes the place of the Playground in Adopt Me!. Every time the task of bored arises in Adopt Me!, players go the Graveyard, which replaced the Playground while this update was active. Players earn Candies through this event is through completing a mini-game. In this mini-game, there are 3 trials for free, but more can be purchased by paying 15 Robux (Robux). The maximum amount of Candies that can be earned each trial is Candy Icon 5,000, making the maximum amount of Candies that players can earn from all 3 trials is Candy Icon 15,000.

The Haunted House

Haunted House

The Haunted House

The third and last way players can earn Candies is by doing an activity in the Haunted House. Every time a player would need to go to school to complete tasks, they would go to the Haunted House to earn Candies. 5 Ghosts are randomly placed throughout the Haunt House. In order for players to earn Candies this way, they must catch the Ghosts. Each Ghost that the player touches earns the player Candy Icon 400. The maximum amount of Candie's players can earn from this activity is Candy Icon 2,000.
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Candy Trading Shop

New Headless

Headless Horseman From 2017

Trading In Candy


The Shadow Dragon (The only item in the Candy Trading Shop that players cannot obtain with their Candies.)

If players have enough Candy, they may exchange their Candies in for items. During the Halloween Event (2019), players can trade in their Candies for items in the Candy Trading Shop. Players can trade in their Candies for Pets, Vehicles, and Toys. Players can earn the following pets with various amounts of candy:

During the 2017 Halloween Event, you could find the Headless Horseman at Adoption Island. The Headless Horseman would give you free items for your Candies. You could also buy Candies for Bucks 75 back then. Some items players could earn were the Pumpkin Rattle, which cost Candy Icon 1, the Teddy Skele, which was Candy Icon 3, and the Pumpkin, which was Candy Icon 5

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