The Campsite, also known as the Campground, is a location in Adopt Me!, where players can satisfy the "Camping" ailment, which occurs every three in-game days, and when completed, gives Bucks.png 18 as a reward.

The Campsite is tucked in a mountain valley and located near the Camping Store, between the Soccer Field and Farm Shop. At the Campsite, there are two large tents and three small tents, each holding sleeping bags which can be slept in by a baby or pet. There is also a campfire surrounded by four logs that can be sat on, and a chair holding free Marshmallows. The Campsite also features a Camping Lodge, which players can rent for Bucks.png 200. The lodge has three sleeping bags, free Marshmallows, and S'mores Cookies that cost Bucks.png 5 each.


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