The Campsite, also known as Campground, is a location in Adopt Me!.

The campsite is tucked in a mountain valley and located left of the soccer field and right of the Supermarket. The Campsite activity occurs once every 3 days, and when completed, it gives Bucks 18 as a reward. At the Campsite there are 2 big tents and 3 small tents, holding sleeping bags which can be slept in by a baby or pet. There is also a campfire surrounded by 4 logs that can be sat on, and a chair holding free marshmallows on sticks. Besides that, there is also the Camping Lodge, which you can rent out for Bucks 200. The lodge has 3 sleeping bags, free marshmallows, and s'more cookies that cost Bucks 5 each.

By the entrance to the Campsite is the Camping Store. Going to the Campsite is required for the Camping ailment. At the campsite there is a store that also requires eggburt inside a secret room that you can enter from a tunnel.


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