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The Camping Store, also known as the "Best Shop Ever", is a shop in Adopt Me! that sells items related to camping. It can be found near the entrance of the Campsite. The NPC in the shop is Burt.


There are a total of seven items that players can purchase from the Camping Store.

Item Cost Type Info
Marshmallow Free Food Replenishes the Hunger ailment for babies/pets.
Wheelbarrow Stroller Bucks.png 1,000 Stroller Can carry one pet/baby at a time.
Bongos Bucks.png 200 Toy Plays music.
S'mores Cookie Bucks.png 5 Food Replenishes the Hunger ailment for babies/pets.
Sparkler Bucks.png 20 Toy Emits sparks.
Flashlight Bucks.png 30 Toy Lights up a small area where it is directed.
Guitar Bucks.png 500 Toy Plays music.

Camping Store’s Secret Room

To the left of the entrance hides a small gray vent. Next to it features a boarded-up hole in the wall that reads, "Nothing to see here".

If the player walks through the vent, it leads into a small room. On the right, they will see Eggburt in a display case. The case is surrounded by a neon red glow.

On the right, the player will find two Roblox avatar bundles. The one on the left is the Headless Horseman, while the one on the right is the Circuit Breaker. There is currently no use for either object. Written all over the walls of the room are the words "GET OUT!", but above the Roblox, avatar bundles will feature a sign reading "SAME?".