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The Camper Van is a rare six-seater vehicle in Adopt Me!. It could be obtained by purchasing it in the Vehicle Dealership for Bucks.png 1,600. As it was removed from the Vehicle Dealership on March 3, 2022, it is now only obtainable through trading.

The Camper Van is an efficient vehicle due to its high number of seats and reasonably fast speed, making it the third fastest vehicle previously in the Vehicle Dealership. It is the only six-seater vehicle that could be obtained with Bucks.png Bucks and is currently one of the only three six-seater vehicles in the game, along with the Limo and the Choo Choo Train. The second row of seats faces toward the third row, a trait which it also shares with the Limo.


The Camper Van takes the appearance of a classic minibus, specifically the original Volkswagen Camper. It also has a roof rack installed with various types of bags on it, including a body-color matching backpack.

The Camper Van, like all the other vehicles that were purchasable in the Vehicle Dealership, had customizable colors. However, its colors cannot be changed after it is bought or if it is obtained through trading.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
One of the best handling vehicles. Quite expensive.
Fast. A huge vehicle, for example, players cannot go under the Hot Springs bridge.
Good turning.
Can fit 6 people.