The Butterfly Roller Skates in a player's inventory.

The Butterfly Roller Skates are a rare, single-seater vehicle in Adopt Me!, added on March 18, 2021 as a part of the Gift Refresh Update. They cost Bucks.png 70, Bucks.png 199, and Bucks.png 499, if obtained from Small, Big or Massive Gifts, respectively.


  • The skates are modeled to fit the Woman package.
  • If a player jumps while holding a round pet, such as a Glyptodon, the player will continue rolling after they hit the ground.
  • The Butterfly Roller Skates at the Gifts Display.

    When a player jumps while using this vehicle, a front flip animation is done and when the player moves an unique roller skating animation is used, similar to the Roller Skates.
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