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Burt is an NPC in Adopt Me! that runs the Camping Store. He seems to be an extremely unexperienced scientist, as he was the person who performed the experiment that switched the minds of Sir Woofington and Doug.

Burt bought and gave out free Pet Rocks in the 2020 April Fool's event as an "accident" happened. He also fished out the Hat Shop in Adopt Me!’s first live event. He was present during the Fossil Isle Excavation and the April Fool’s Day Event 2021, where he gave out free 2D Kitties. Aurora, the NPC for the Snowy Igloo Shop, implies that Burt also runs the shop with them.

He is implied to be mentally unstable, stuttering constantly whenever he speaks and mumbling to himself.


Burt wears a hat with several badges sewn on. He wears a dark blue patterned shirt and light brown shorts.

April Fools Event

In the April Fools' event of 2020 (April 1, 2020), Burt bought many Pet Rocks and tried to sell them, but after numerous unsuccessful attempts, he made the Rocks free. This event only existed for a few days and the Pet Rock was removed right after. The Pet Rock was always full-grown and also had fly and ride abilities.

Dress Your Pets Live Event

Burt made another appearance in the "β›΅??????β›΅" update, where he appeared to be fishing behind the Hospital, hinting at finding a key. His hook led to a sunken boat which would later become the Accessory Shop. Players had to find three parts of the key Burt mentioned, which could unlock a vault located in the center of the Pet Shop: this vault contained the Founder's Crown, the first accessory that was made available to players. Seven days later, Burt fished out the boat in what was Adopt Me!'s first live event, the Dress Your Pets Live Event. After the event, the aforementioned key turned into a throw toy and was renamed "Founder's Key Throw Toy", and it could no longer open the vault in the Pet Shop.

Fossil Isle Excavation

Burt made an appearance in the Fossil Isle Excavation, standing near the digging site, saying dinosaurs weren't real and that the giant skull of a dinosaur near the helicopter was from a giant.

April Fool's Day (2021)

Burt made another appearance in the April Fool's Event (2021). After accidentally pressing a wrong button, he started giving away free 2D Kitties near the Nursery (which was temporarily changed to a 2D, black and white drawing version).

April Fool's Weekend (2022)

Burt made an appearance in the April Fool's Weekend (2022) to sell Rocks near the Nursery.


Camping Store:

"... Oh hai, didn't see you der… ...Welcom to my hoose, I mean shoop… ...Uhmmmmmm… ...Well hav fun campeng!..."

2020 April Fools Event:

"hi dere neighboor....what's wrong? well... im financially ruined!! i oardured this 5 ton shipment of pet rocks.. but nobody wants to buy ANY!! pleas! IM BEGGING YOU!! just take ONE.."

Dress Your Pets Event:

"OOH Ho fishen for muh keey~ KEy~ee~, ooh big vault kβ€”!!! β€”β€” EEEEK!! ... Hhoh uH hAI i d- DIDent see you thear.. huh uhM.. kkey? nβ€” nope no keys dOwn their HAHheh. i sed a ahh, uhh.. UHH tree! yeah. Tree! heh.. heh. . absolutely NO KEYS down in the water there. None."

Dress Your Pets Live Event:

"whooOO boy! sumtin big's bitin! 8 days of campeng an i finally got it!! HEAVY!! .. maybe this key- eRR, TREE - was bigger than i thought!! whooo EEE! after i get into that vault, ill be stinkin' RICH! i'll be able to buy a luxury apartment!! may b.. ill even get a NFR frog!! mobie whale or whamever's his name's got NOTHign on burt! im tha best fisher guy EVER! im gunna b RICH! WOaaa--aaa NELLY!! that's a big'n!! wait. WHERES MY KEY!! no! welp. gess i'll jus go back to fishen! gotta do SUMTHIN after the pet rocks.. im broke! maybe.. .. !! i could jus make a simulater!!"

Fossil Isle Excavation:

"Deenosores aren't reel ya know. That bone from giant. Watch out for beenstork..."

After the Fossil Egg was released, when a player travels back to Fossil Isle:

"Beenstorks looks funny. Is that magic been?"

2021 April Fool's Event:

"Somefink went wrong... Pressed wrong button. Werent my fault. Wanna live in flat land forever? I try to make better... Take dis. I need to fix fings."

2022 April Fool's Weekend:

"hey der fren!!!! yes... fren.gud to see yer out heer again fren!! you wants to adopt MORE pets, huh?? frend?? i have all of the most... lucrative price reductions friend, muahahaha!! anywhayz friend discount and whatnots... frend... memember Pet Rock? the goodest pet, that was! yes it was. i was givin' em out for free a couple of years back, just for the day, ya see. everyone wants a pet rock, who knew? aside from... anywhay so, I thinks, I should bring them back for good. Das right - no more disappearing rocks!! But they're not free nonymore, cos they asked to not be for rent. Gots a WHOLE army of Robo Dogs workin' to get these Rocks to ya!! I'm gon' close shop after this weekend tho... keeps that in mind, FREN!... i wonder what Tom is doin rn. hat that guy."