Burt is an NPC that runs the Camping Store. He seems to be an extremely inexperienced scientist, as he was the person who performed the experiment that switched the minds of Sir Woofington and Doug.

Burt brought and gave out free pet rocks in the 2020 April fools event and fished out the Hat Shop in Adopt Me!'s first live event.

He is implied to be mentally unstable, stuttering constantly whenever he speaks and mumbling to himself.

April Fools Event

In the April Fool's event of 2020 (April 1, 2020), Burt bought a lot of pet rocks then tried to sell them, but after numerous unsuccessful attempts, he made the rocks free. This event only existed for a few days and the Pet Rock was removed right after. The pet rock was always full-grown and also had fly and ride abilities.

Dress Your Pets Live Event

Burt made another appearance In the "β›΅??????β›΅" update, where he appeared to be fishing behind the Hospital. His hook lead to a sunken boat which would later become the Hat Shop. There players could find three parts of a Key, which could unlock a vault located in the center of the Pet Shop, which contained a crown pet accessory, the first accessory that was ever made available to players. 7 days later, Burt fished out the boat in what was Adopt Me's first and currently only live event, the Dress Your Pets Live Event. After the event, the aforementioned key turned into a throw toy and was renamed "Founder's Key Throw Toy", and it could no longer open the vault in the Pet Shop.

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