The Bunny Carriage is one of the limited carriages that cannot be obtained anymore. The Vehicle has a seating capacity of 3 seats. It is also classified as a legendary. It has some similarities to the all of the Carriages present in the Royal Carriages Gamepass, and also shows similarity to the Pumpkin Carriage.

It was obtainable during mid-late 2018. Players could get it via opening Gifts, that cost Bucks 99, Bucks 199, and Bucks 499 respectively.


The Bunny Carriage has a bunny face on the front, the bunny having a pink nose, black eyes, and pink inner-ears. It looks very similar to the pet Bunny, which is a rare pet that players can obtain through opening eggs.

It has big white and black wheels and a big pink round seating area, which contains four seats with a pink crown on the top.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Good handling A bit slow for standards
Has good turning Only available for a limited time
A legendary A huge vehicle so for example, you can't go under the Pool Party Bridge
Looks good Can sometimes get you stuck in the top of the vehicle when you jump out

The Bunny Carriage as seen in a players inventory

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