The Buffaloย is a pet that players can get from any non-themed egg such as the Cracked Egg (350 Bucks) or the Pet Egg (600 Bucks). The Buffalo is classified as common pet.ย 


A Buffalo has a brown body with black eyes and white horns. Its overcoat (on the body, feet and a bit of the head) is darker than its face and lower body.


Here are the tricks a Buffalo learns in order:

Sit - Newborn

Lay Down - Junior

Bounce - Pre-teen

Roll Over - Teen

Backflip - Post-teen

Dance - Full-grown

Neon Appearance

The neon version of a Buffalo glows green on its two horns, nose and feet.ย 
Neon Buffalo

Neon Buffalo, picture from Gaming With Nicole on YouTube

Mega Neon Appearance

The Mega Neon Buffalo glows rainbow on its horns, nose and feet while the other parts of its body stay the way it is.ย 
RobloxScreenShot20200421 033257232

A Mega Neon Buffalo

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