Bucks are the currency of the game. You use them to buy in-game buyable items (such as: food, toys, vehicles etc.). They are on the left bottom of your screen when you play the game.

How to earn

You earn Bucks by caring about your Adopted baby, or you can get them from your daily allowance. Another way of getting them is by buying them for Robux, the Roblox currency. (If you want to buy them, when you enter the game go to store)

You can buy: 

18 Bucks for 15 Robux

60 Bucks for 48 Robux

155 Bucks for 124 Robux

480 Bucks for 349 Robux

1140 Bucks for 794 Robux

2025 Bucks for 1349 Robux

4450 Bucks for 2849 Robux

You also get 100 bucks when you buy VIP