Bucks (also known as AM (Adopt Me!) Bucks, or Adopt Me Currency- AMC for short) are the main currency of the game. They can be used to buy in-game items, such as food, toys, gifts, eggs, and vehicles. Generally, according to the data recorded over an in-game week, you earn roughly Bucks.png 95 to Bucks.png 105 per in-game day. Each in-game day is approximately 10 minutes, so playing the game for an hour should get you around Bucks.png 540 to Bucks.png 630 bucks, provided that you aren't taking care of a baby or a pet. The number of bucks you have is always located on the top right of your screen when you play the game. This doesn't apply if you are in your house on the mobile version of Roblox, where bucks will only show when browsing furniture in edit mode.

How to Earn Bucks

The Bucks prices image

Bucks are mainly earned through fulfilling the Baby or pet's ailments or claiming a regular paycheck of Bucks.png 20 for playing Adopt Me!. A player can also collect bucks from Money Trees, which altogether give Bucks.png 100 per real-life day. Every day, a player is given a sum of bucks that starts with Bucks.png 25 and accumulates as the player increases their login streak (though resets after every 5th day). Players earnBucks.png 25 the first day, Bucks.png 50 the second, Bucks.png 100 the third, Bucks.png 200 the fourth, and a gift or Cracked Egg on the 5th day.

Another way of earning bucks is by buying them for Robux.png Robux, the Roblox currency. To do so, click on the money tab that shows how much money you have, and it will list how many bucks you can buy with Robux.png Robux.

You could also have gotten them by from opening the gift for December 2nd or 6th from the Advent Calendar during the Christmas Event in 2019, which would give Bucks.png 300. Note that you could only have gotten this during the special event, so after the period of time you are not able to receive it.

The last strategy is to organize trading groups in social media to get or age pets, and through tasks as babies for money.

You can spend bucks on Gifts or Pets, or many other things like Houses or furniture for your house.

If you need to get lots of bucks quickly, switch to a Baby and equip any of your pets. You will gain double the bucks in a day than if you are a parent.

The prices for bucks are as follows:

  • Bucks.png 50 for Robux.png 24
  • Bucks.png 200 for Robux.png 95
  • Bucks.png 600 for Robux.png 280
  • Bucks.png 1400 for Robux.png 650
  • Bucks.png 3000 for Robux.png 1385
  • Bucks.png 10000 for Robux.png 4600

In addition to this, if a player purchases V.I.P. or the Starter Pack, they get Bucks.png 100 and Bucks.png 200 respectively after the purchase has been made.

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