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Not to be confused with Cracked Egg.

The Broken Egg is a legendary item in Adopt Me!. It was obtainable during the Easter Event (2019) by claiming on top of the Sky Castle. If a player obtained it and then talked to Eggburt at the event's stand, they would give the player a Pet Egg, which had no purpose at the time of the event.


The Broken Egg resembles the Cracked Egg. It has a tan outer shell and an egg white with a yellow yolk inside.


  • The Broken Egg is not the same as the Cracked Egg, despite their similar appearances in a player's inventory, as the Cracked Egg can hatch into a pet whereas the Broken Egg, as a food item, cannot.
  • This egg is somewhat similar to the Patterns Egg, Stars Egg, and Stripes Egg, coming from the same event.
  • This Pet Egg was used in the Pets update later on. The Broken Egg is classified as a food item, although players nor pets cannot consume it.
  • It no longer serves a purpose and can now be seen in the Camping Store.