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The Briefcase Ingredient is a limited, rare toy in Adopt Me! which can be obtained from opening Monkey Boxes (Bucks.png 600 or Robux.png 195) and through trading.

If a player combines 3 Briefcase Ingredients (by talking to the Business Monkey in the Monkey Fairground), they can be used to transform a normal Monkey into a Business Monkey.

This toy is no longer obtainable and can now only be obtained through trading with other players.


  • The Briefcase Ingredient is only obtainable when the Monkey Fairground Event is around. During the time it is unobtainable, it also cannot be traded in for the Business Monkey.
  • When a player interacts with the Briefcase Ingredient when the Monkey Fairground is not around, a message pops up reading β€œI wonder what this does...”
  • Some players may get this confused as a pet wear item.