The Blue Dog is a limited pet in Adopt Me!. It was one of the first pets to be added to the game along with the Pink Cat. It is classified as a limited uncommon pet and can only be hatched out of the Blue Egg during the pet update. It is no longer available and can only be obtained through trading with other players or by hatching one from a Blue Egg if they currently have one.


The Blue Dog is blue in color and has beady black eyes. The Blue Dog, like the regular dog, has a black nose that stands out among its blue color, and its tongue, which is pink, is always hanging out of its mouth. The Blue Dog is in fact a re-coloration of the Dog.


The tricks go in order from first to last.

  1. Sit - Newborn
  2. Lay Down - Junior
  3. Bounce - Pre-Teen
  4. Roll Over - Teen
  5. Back Flip - Post-Teen
  6. Dance - Full Grown

Neon Appearance

The Neon appearance of the Blue Dog is shown below. Its neon form glows a vibrant blue in the ears, nose, paws, and tail.

Neon blue dog

A neon version of the Blue Dog

Mega Neon Appearance

As a Mega Neon, the areas that are neon on a Neon Blue Dog rotate through the colors white, yellow, and blue.


Mega Neon Blue Dog

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