• FT BOI

    blog soof

    February 23, 2020 by FT BOI


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  • Kitten Burrito

    The maker of Adopt Me should add more trade slots so that people can trade more stuff to each other to make the trade fairer. for example, someone is trading a ride pet and someone does not have 4 pets and/or toys to match the worth they may have 5 or 6 pets and/or toys that are fair. that way just because a person doesn't have one pet or toy that's fair they might more than 4 things. also, Adopt Me should have "bucks trading" so that people do not get scammed, that way, if someone wants to pay, let's say, $4,000 for a legendary dragon, they can pay it in trade rather than paying it before or after they get the pet. if you guys have any more ideas please let me know, I'd love to know what you think about this :D.

    -Kitten Burrito 

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  • Vastmine1029

    Adopt Me! Expert

    February 17, 2020 by Vastmine1029

    Hello, everyone!

    I would like to bring up the topic of Adopt Me! experts.

    If you have not looked over the Wiki Staff page, there is a section for Adopt Me! Experts. They are a part of the Adopt Me staff.

    At this point and on, the wiki moderators and administrators will overlook the website to oversee users' edits and their knowledge of Adopt Me based on their edits.

    Your effort for editing the website how accurate the information is on your edits alters your chances for Adopt Me! Expert.

    When you are notified if you are eligible for Adopt Me! Expert position, you can accept or decline the offer. It is only a one-time offer.

    If you have any questions, please let me know through my message wall!

    Note: Adopt Me! Experts will only be nominated. There …

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  • Airdensos Gamignd

    Other than the Forest Egg, I came up with the Ocean Egg.

    Again here is what the Ocean Egg would look like on Microsoft Paint:

    These would be the fets found in an Ocean Egg:

    Common: Fish, Salmon, Crab

    Uncommon: Pufferfish, Goldfish, Seahorse

    Rare: Sea Lion, Jellyfish, Hermit Crab

    Ultra-Rare: Squid, Octopus, Turtle

    Legendary: Shark, Dolphin, Whale

    Comment Down below to request more Ocean Pets

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  • HollyPool112233

    Australian eggs

    February 13, 2020 by HollyPool112233

    Some people thin australian eggs are going to be added!

    That would be very cute right?

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  • DenizVanilla


    February 10, 2020 by DenizVanilla

    I live in Turkey. So im moving to Çanakkale. I live in Aksaray (Im bored from it lol) Nvm lazy for more xD Cya

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  • AtreatforaGirl

    Hi! I just got a free black snowboard and was told if I added it was worth a candy cannon. Is this true? Also, I'm trading stuff! Here's what I am trading: Owl, ride fly arctic reindeer, black snowboard, neon blue scooter (frost colored), star wand, squid plush, doge rattle (WITH A TRAIL! NEED PROOF? ADD ME, I'LL SHOW YOU!), flower rattle. Let me know! My username is AtreatforaGirl. Bye! :3 also, here's a video of someone scamming me but they gave it back! That's a real friend! Nvm-

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  • Deadmarvelkiller

    new update idea?

    February 1, 2020 by Deadmarvelkiller

    so um the next update most probably should be valentines update and here is my idea

    they should add pets

    and special tasks just like the christmas event one

    and a valentines currency 

    what im trying to say is they should add something like the christmas update that would be great

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  • CelestialVelvet

    Hi everyone!

    Today I had an idea; I thought that it would be really neat if Adopt Me added this item into the game! What if there was an item available to purchase for your house, but it worked like a Shop in the sense that it allowed you to sell your items? You could set a price for your items and then other players could purchase them. This would save so many players from getting scammed.

    This is just an idea; let me know what you think of it in the comments!

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  • CelestialVelvet

    About Me

    January 30, 2020 by CelestialVelvet

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Celestial Velvet but you can call me Celestial. My Roblox username is MistFeather15; when I am on Roblox I am nearly always playing Adopt Me. My hobbies are doing my schoolwork (I know that sounds weird), dancing, writing, playing Roblox, and editing this wiki! I love editing this wiki and I am a huge stickler for grammar so I usually can be found fixing grammatical errors and making pages more clear. I would love to be a content moderator one day, but for now I am just working on doing whatever I can to make information about Adopt Me more accessible and understandable.

    Thanks for reading!

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  • Mxllsie

    Favourite Pets-

    January 25, 2020 by Mxllsie

    =====If you do not have your current favourite pet or dream pet, I really hope you get it! If you don't have it then comment your favourite pet you own now!

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  • HollyPool112233

    Sea Egg

    January 22, 2020 by HollyPool112233

    Wouldn't it be great if there was a SEA egg? here are the pets: Common: Fish Uncommon: Gold Fish Rare: Sea horse,Jelly Fish Ultra rare: Axoloto Legendary: Leviathan

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  • Gabythegamer

    What does this do

    January 17, 2020 by Gabythegamer


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  • ShootingStars101

    I traded a Fly Ractic Reindeer and My neon bear for a Fly Bat dragon. I friended the person that traded me the fly bat dragon. The dude thought I was a random person that was spamming trade in adopt me xD.

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  • Itzyase

    Adopt Me Trade Offers!

    January 15, 2020 by Itzyase

    First of all, I really want to thank the ones who are reading this, if you have any recommendations on these points, please leave a message on my message wall so I can have some advice! Here are a few things that I am absolutely sick of when it comes to offering...

    • People saying "I wasn't doneeee" after you decline their trade but the trade slots were filled with stuff.
    • People answering your questions after like 10 hours of waiting and when you ask them what took them so long, they answer "I was busy"
    • When you decline people's offers, they start swearing and then end the conversation by "I just wasted my time on you".

    Like why would you waste your time? At least you learned that it was way under the price for the thing I am giving, some people…

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  • Vastmine1029

    The Adopt Me! Wiki is getting popular every day and more moderators are needed!

    As an Adopt Me! Wikia Content Moderator, you will be a key participant in helping the wiki's moderation. Your primary responsibility will be to work closely with the moderator teams, content and discussion, to create a safe environment for Wikia users and verifying that all articles' information is factual and accurate.

    You are:

    • Experienced in wikitext and HTML
    • Experienced with source editor
    • Experienced with general moderation
    • Experienced in the American English language
    • A regular player on Adopt Me!
    • Interested in working closely with the moderation team
    • Active on the wiki
    • Preferably are or have been a content moderator or equivalent on a Roblox wiki

    You will:

    • Create pages…
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  • Kitten Burrito

    Hi, my name is Allison and I love all animals but hamsters and cats are my favs

    Adopt me is one of my favourite games in Roblox!  I am new to this Wikia so if any of you have tips or information you want to share with me, I'd be glad to listen to your suggestions.  

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  • HollyPool112233

    A weird scam

    January 14, 2020 by HollyPool112233

    Hi sometimes this scam comes!

    They ask you: can i borrow ur pet? then ill give it back with ride shadow dragon!

    But then when you give it to them they leave server!!

    It happened to my freind once, so  please be careful!!

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  • RobinRave

    Hi my name is RobinRave

    January 13, 2020 by RobinRave

    Hi, my name is RobinRave but I like being called either Raven or Robin. I found this blog post section a few days before I initially wanted to do one of these. This is my first time doing something like this so I don’t really know what to talk about honestly so I’ll just talk about stuff I like and things I do. 

    My Roblox account is Night_Robin2 and my favorite games are murder mystery 2, Adopt me, Adventure story, and especially stories I like to play with my IRL or online friends. My favorite color is black not because I’m emo XD.  My hobby is usually talking with friends or thinking of lyrics for songs I wish to create oh I forgot one of my passions in life is music and another is making types of food. Oh and if you want to message or ta…

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  • Nerd Panda


    January 11, 2020 by Nerd Panda

    Hello! My name is Nerd Panda. I have been here in the Adopt Me wiki for awhile, and decided to finally introduce myself.

    I regularly check my favorite wikis, to look for new stuff. I like to make jokes sometimes. One of my dreams, is to create a successful youtube channel. My Favorite color is purple. 

    My favorite foods are ice cream and hamburgers. My favorite drink is choco milk. I love to spend my time playing Roblox and watching videos. 

    My favorite Roblox games are: Adopt Me, Meepcity, BSS, Sno day, and any SU RP game.

    I hope you have a nice day/evening! :)

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  • IDKWhatMeUserShouldBe


    January 10, 2020 by IDKWhatMeUserShouldBe

    Hello! I've been here for two days, and I decided to introduce myself a little bit. My username is IDKWhatMyUserShouldBe because I didnt know what my user should've been when I was making my account, and still don't. My favourite games on ROBLOX are Bear, Royale High and Adopt Me. I love cats, and my favourite colour is black. I don't really have anything else to say now, so I guess you'll hear from me later in this wiki! 

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  • YanyaffitUal


    January 9, 2020 by YanyaffitUal

    Hello! I just 'discovered' this place and the blog posts r pretty cool!

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  • Azziki101

    Introduction to myself!

    January 9, 2020 by Azziki101

    Hello, I'm Azziki101!  You can call me Azziki or Azzy, but anything is fine for as long it isn't something bad.   My preferred pronouns are she/her or they/them.  I don't have many hobbies, but I love playing Roblox, sleeping, browsing my social medias, drawing, and relaxing in general.  If I'm playing Roblox, you can mainly see me play either Royale High, Adopt Me, Murder Mystery 2, Sakura High, and tons of other games too!  I'm very active, so if you send me a message on my message wall I'll be very likely to answer it!  

    I do hope this was a good enough introduction to myself as a person.  Whoever is reading this, I hope you have a good morning/day/evening/night!

    Cya around sometime around here!

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  • ThunderJimmy

    The following blog is a follow up to my previous blog explaining the Wikia Staff Experience on roblox fandom pages. This story will consist up to Roblox Administrator for multiple games within Roblox. It will also cover within different games and variations of games, hotels, and cafes. So without a further ado, let's get reading.

    It should be pointed out that I was only ever hired as a Discord Moderator by a former Admin Director of that game previously brought up, Roblox Galaxy out of the blue on the second to last week of September in 2018. Now, since I can't find the actual dm response of the conversation when I got hired, I'll still explain that I was quite in total shock. Above all things, I wanted to be a administrator, not moderator,…

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  • Nerd Panda

    Ideas for Pets!

    January 7, 2020 by Nerd Panda

    Hello there reader! In this blog post, I will discuss some of my ideas for pets in the game.

    First, we have Insect Pets! You can buy the new Green Egg at the gumball machine.


    Common: Ant, Fly

    Uncommon: Worm, Mosquito

    Rare: Ladybug, Blue Beetle, Caterpillar

    Ultra Rare: Grasshopper, Spider

    Legendary: Butterfly

    Then we have Desert Pets! You can get Desert Pets, from the Desert Egg at the gumball machine.


    Common: Shepherd, Camel

    Uncommon: Kangaroo, Dingo, Wombat

    Rare: Emu, Platypus

    Ultra Rare: Koala

    Legendary: Snake

    Last but certainly not least is Sea Pets! Sea Pets can be obtained from the Ocean Egg, at the new Aquarium.  

    AQUARIUM: The aquarium is located next to the Camping site, it has tanks containning some of the pets. The ocea…

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  • IiDiscoveri


    January 7, 2020 by IiDiscoveri

    Hello! My name is Discoveri! You can just call me JM. You might know me for being one of the new Discussion Moderators. One of my hobbies are playing Adopt Me!. If not, then probably playing Dragon Land or messing around in my chat with classmates. Well, personal chat. I like to draw, mostly in my spare time whenever I get inspiration. I am soon going to attend highschool; which probably makes me the youngest in the team. I am dedicated to my studies; so I may not reply if you ever wish to comment on my Message Wall. I will still get to see it though. I also like to edit/chat. Hope this was an good enough introduction. Hope you all have an great day/evening/night. Bye! :)

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  • Vastmine1029

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to introduce your new discussion moderators:

    • IiDiscoveri
    • CaptainMystical
    • TheRealKuyong
    • ThunderJimmy

    These moderators will keep all article comments, blog posts, and discussion posts clean and appropriate in accordance with the Rules and Guidelines.

    If there are any problems or someone is violating a policy here, in the Discussions, or anywhere in the Wikia, please message any one in their Message Wall.

    Note: Wiki staff members do not deal with scams!! If you or someone believes that they have been scammed, please email

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  • Nerd Panda

    Pet Renders

    January 6, 2020 by Nerd Panda

    I am asking for people and staff to try make renders of pets instead of taking images from people's youtube videos.

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  • Tidepod Monika

    A question

    January 6, 2020 by Tidepod Monika

    Im new to this game I've only been playing this for no more than a month I think and I recently got a fly ride arctic reindeer is it good enough to tradde for frost or shadow dragon? Cause I just ist saw those and thought that they were pretty cool

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  • CaptainMystical

    Hello! I am CaptainMystical, but I prefer being called Captain! Some of you might recognize me from being an active member on the Discussion Page. I like to paint, play my clarinet, play ROBLOX and various other games, and I enjoy creative writing as well. I am a student and I am very dedicated to school. I am very happy to be a Discussion Moderator and help our Wiki become a much safer, nicer place! :D

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  • ThunderJimmy

    "Spread your wings and take flight, for where you will rest and soar is not up to the world, but upon yourself and the wills of others; keep soaring and never stop believing, for you’ll know when to change course when the time comes." - ThunderJimmy, 21 March 2019.

    Hello, my name is ThunderJimmy (you may refer to me as James or roleplay name ThunderJimmyYT if you will), I may seem new around here, but my history with roblox and roblox wikias are quite interesting if you wish to fully hear out my story. This blog post will be focusing on my history with Wikipedia pages, my next one will focus on my history with discord moderation history.

    25 December 2017, I almost remember this day like the back of my hand, especially with the Christmas Event…

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  • Httpz


    December 31, 2019 by Httpz

    Hello everyone!
    Since 2019 is coming to an end, I thought I would introduce myself to everyone to start the new year off fresh.

    My name is Httpz but you can just call me Jojo. I am currently an active editor and moderator on the wiki. I played Adopt Me! while it was still going through the early stages of developments and updates, however, I do not really play the game as much as I used. I am currently enrolled as a full-time student at a local community college where I am currently focusing on trying to transfer to a four-year institution with an Associate's in Business Administration. If you ever have any questions or need someone to talk to, please feel free to message me, Vastmine1029 or any other wiki staff member and we'll always make …

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  • XxHellDemonx1X

    hey im new in adopt me ..kinda now playing 11 days

    im very impressed about the shadow and frost dragon too if i missed the shadow dragon because i wasnt playing at halloween .. anyway i had enough money to buy 2 frost dragons and trade one for a shadow dragon .. but i have no more money in this year a while .. and i really want to get them both neon .. so i wanted to ask this question

    my question: can we get the shadow and frost dragon next year back ? this gamepass .. they seriously are my favourites and too from many other players .. and i want to get them next year neon very much .. so i would appreciate if u guys could bring them both next year back in 2020 .. on halloween and christmas so one time in the year thats all i ask for 

    Username: X…

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  • UmSamii
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  • Vastmine1029

    About Me and the Wiki

    December 24, 2019 by Vastmine1029

    Hello, everyone!
    I see many new faces on this wiki and I want to introduce myself to you guys.

    I am a first-year student at a four-year institution, currently trying to get my bachelor's in computer engineering.

    I was a member of DreamCraft, where I tested Adopt Me at the beginning of summer 2017 until the end of summer 2018. At this time, I was a junior in high school in the International Baccalaureate program, a vigorous program that involved lots of critical thinking and writing. Because of this, it was hard for me to manage my time to work with DreamCraft and this wiki. Over time, schooling took over my time to play Roblox, so my knowledge about Adopt Me is very poor right now, along with the new Roblox updates that come over the past fe…

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  • Vastmine1029
    Hello, wiki user!
    Because there is a high traffic of users, We are currently looking for discussion moderators to overlook the discussion page.

    If you are interested, please message on Vastmine1029's Message Wall. Put "Discussion Mod App" as the subject. Discuss about your experience, regarding moderation.
    We are definitely looking for those who plays Adopt Me often and has experience in moderaing discussion walls on the wiki.

    **Please note that this is a voluntary position.**

    A few things we are looking for in your application are the following:

    • Your Discord Tag (e.g. Spidermandawg#3621)
    • Any type of wiki moderation experience (if none, please specify that)
    • Any other moderation experience such as Roblox group, Discord, etc.
    • Your availablility (and …

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  • Airdensos Gamignd

    Something Weird

    December 23, 2019 by Airdensos Gamignd

    There is something weird when I'm on this Wikipedia.

    Like every time I try and post up a photo, it will say "Invalid token" which makes me annoyed since I'm trying to help out this Wikipedia.

    Also when I am posting up a comment it will not get posted.

    I don't like it...

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  • Jefandre

    💕jessica💕 says

    December 18, 2019 by Jefandre
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  • Airdensos Gamignd

    Updated Badges

    December 16, 2019 by Airdensos Gamignd

    I'm not so sure about this but I want an update on the badges for this wiki to transform them into ones that represent Adopt Me.

    This would include changing the name and new pictures.

    Here are all the badges:

    Old: Welcome to the Wiki! New: Look after this Starter Egg. (Welcome)

    Old: Making a Difference New: Baby has joined your Family! (Edit)

    Old: Stopping by To Say Hi New: Player has sent you a Trade Request (Comment)

    Old: Snapshot New: Hatching an Egg (Photo)

    Old: Just the Beginning New: Adult has joined your Family! (Edit)

    Old: Making Your Mark New: Noob had joined your Family! (Edit)

    Old: Friends of the Wiki New: Bacon has joined your Family! (Edit)

    Old: Paparazzi New: Hatching 5 Eggs (Photo)

    Old: Collaborator New: Friend has joined your Family! …

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  • Airdensos Gamignd

    I always see the background as a light blue color, but I decided to change that and make it much better.

    So I am giving it a new look, which will be a picture of Adoption Island

    This is what it will look like (with a few photo bombers):

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  • HollyPool112233


    December 12, 2019 by HollyPool112233

    I am trading a platypus!

    pls offer down below


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  • HollyPool112233

    Fav Pets

    December 10, 2019 by HollyPool112233


    This is a favorite pets blog so put your username and fave pet!

    My favorites are my ride shadow dragon and ride neon sloth!

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  • TheRealKuyong

    Removed content

    December 8, 2019 by TheRealKuyong

    Nevermind about this.

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  • HappyCupcakePlayz

    I want a uni so bad

    November 27, 2019 by HappyCupcakePlayz

    Um so can anyone trade me a unicorn for ride capybara, puma, fennec fox and red panda for it please 😭😭 I'm sorry if its not fair but that's the only thing I had for trade left.. :(

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  • Airdensos Gamignd

    After we have gotten our third gumball machine egg, the Farm Egg, I was wondering what would be next. I came up with an idea to make the fourth gumball machine egg, the Forest Egg.

    This is what a Forst Egg would look like (Poorly Drawn on Microsoft Paint):

    These would be the animals found inside a Forest Egg:


    Deer, Racoon


    Moose, Squirrel

    Rare: Red Fox, Frog


    Black Bear, Elk




    Wolf (Legendary) - Reason: Found inside Christmas Eggs for the Christmas Event

    Please send me more ideas for new forest animals.

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  • DaimondKid

    I got a parrot

    November 25, 2019 by DaimondKid

    I'm so happy 

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  • KawwaiiDevil97

    Please, can anyone give me a ride potion for these items? I just made a neon Shiba Inu and I have no robux...

    My username: bananaminion9876

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  • EvieAdoptMeFan

    I would really like either a tombstone or a Chinese lantern, I am willing to trade my ride fly neon unicorn for one of them or both. If you think it's unfair for you let me know and I am willing to add! Reply to this saying what you have, if you want me to add and your username! My Username: JealousBananaBoo

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  • HappyCupcakePlayz

    Hi, I want to trade my zombie buffalo for: uni, any legendary pet, flamingo, fly or ride pet ik sorry if its under for uni I really want it it was my dream pet I would love it sooo muchhh cuz I never had a legendary pet and I don't have any legendaries left so...... I guess you can friend me to trade! username: happy_skieskitties

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  • Poopykitty100

    so my sister wants a unicorn pet in adopt me really bad, and I want to get her one and I dont know how with no legendary pets, so I was wondering if anyone could give me one to give to my sis, I understand if no one wants to of course its a free legendary but id really appreciate it. thanks for reading

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