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Vastmine1029 Vastmine1029 11 days ago

February 18, 2021: Farm Shop Update

Hello Adopt Me! Wiki Community Members! The development team, Uplift Games, has released a major, eye-catching update called the Farm Shop Update. In this update,, the developers have implemented many new assets, such as a new building and, of course, a number of new farm pets!

Without further ado, here are all the changes:

  • A renewed supermarket β€” Farm Shop
  • New pets β€” three new ladybugs: Ladybug, Golden Ladybug, and Diamond Ladybug.
  • The Safety Hub, Potion Shop, and a Premium Plot has been grouped together at the former Green Groceries location.
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Vastmine1029 Vastmine1029 13 June



This is Vastmine1029 doing a blog test.

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