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The Big Head Potion is a common potion in Adopt Me!. It can be purchased at the Sky Castle for Bucks.png 10. It can also be brewed using a Big Head Cauldron in a player's house. A Big Head Cauldron costs Bucks.png 200 and produces 1 potion every 45 seconds.


The Big Head Potion is stored in a circular bottle topped with a black cap. Players can visibly see a light green liquid inside the bottle.


The Big Head Potion allows the player to enlarge the size of their head, hair, and hats. The potion’s effects will remain until the player leaves the game or resets their character, like other potions found in the Sky Castle. However, there is a limit to how large a player's head can become. If a player tries drinking the potion more than once, a pop-up will appear telling the player that it is "too dangerous".


  • It is currently the cheapest potion available in Adopt Me!.
  • Like the Levitation Potion and Grow Potion, the Big Head Potion cannot be stacked, meaning a player cannot drink more than one at a time.