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Beetrice is an NPC and one of the two shopkeepers of the Coffee Shop in Adopt Me!. She is a Queen Bee who sells Coffee and Tea alongside Archer.


As she is a Queen Bee, Beetrice has a metallic blue body with golden stripes, wings, feet, antennae, and stinger. She has beady black eyes.


This is what Beetrice says when a player talks to her:

"Hello there, I'm Beetrice the Queen Bee! Don't mind me. I'm just selling Honey that Archer stole off us. This will help pay the Bees for their work! And if he ever tries to put Honey in Coffee again, I'll be here and waiting for another strike!"


  • She is one of the five animals that are shopkeepers and can talk, with the others being Sir Woofington, Lily, Aurora, and Bastet.
  • She is a Queen Bee, which players have a 1 in 40 chance of obtaining by using Honey.
  • Many players consider Archer as her enemy for putting Honey in his Coffee and underpaying for it.
  • Her name is a pun in the name "Beatrice".