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The Bathtub is a limited three-seater legendary vehicle in Adopt Me! which used to be obtainable by opening Gifts from Santa's Gifts Display. It used to cost Bucks.png 99, Bucks.png 199, Bucks.png 499 in the respective Gifts. However, it is unobtainable and can no longer be obtained unless through trading.

Note that it does not clean players' (if the player is a Baby) or the players' Pet.


The Bathtub takes the appearance of a standard household double-ended tub with the water tap located on the front side. The tub itself is a snow-white and the water tap is a charcoal grey. The tub has small black wheels attached to each of the corners, allowing it to propel itself forward. The Bathtub is filled with water, which constantly emits bubble particles. Both of the bathtub's passengers sit on the side of the tub, while the driver sits inside it.


The Bathtub is a surprisingly efficient vehicle given its relatively small size; To start, it can hold two extra passengers in addition to the driver, which makes it a suitable vehicle for transporting multiple people/pets.

The acceleration of the Bathtub is acceptable, matching the speed of the bulkier Dogmobile and also being on par with the carriages. The handling of the Bathtub is lower than average, having a really large turning radius, sometimes making it difficult to take sharp turns. The Bathtub's lower ground clearance also makes it really susceptible to getting stuck on uneven bridges or other hard to navigate areas.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
A limited legendary. Can only be obtained through trading, hard to come by.
Decent acceleration. Poor handling.
Has enough room for two other people/pets. Does not clean you, unlike a regular bathtub.



  • When turning, none of the Bathtub's wheels actually turn.
  • The Bathtub is believed to be based on the bathtub furniture item, however, unlike that item, the Bathtub can fit three people instead of one.