The Bathtub is a limited three-seater legendary vehicle in Adopt Me! which used to be obtainable by opening Gifts from Santa's Gifts Display. It cost Bucks 99, Bucks 199, Bucks 499 in the respective Gifts. However, it is retired and can no longer be obtained unless through trading. Note that it does not clean you (if you are a Baby) or your Pet.


The Bathtub takes the appearance of a standard household double-ended tub with the water tap located on the front side. The tub has small wheels attached to each of the corners, allowing it to propel itself forward. The Bathtub is filled with water and has bubble particles constantly exploding out of it. All of the occupants sit in the water, with the driver sitting on the furthest "seat". The Bathtub is believed to be based on the bathtub furniture item. However, unlike that item, the Bathtub can fit three people.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Good handling. A retired vehicle (Not available anymore).
Fast Very hard to find someone with one.
A limited legendary. Does not clean you, unlike a regular bathtub.
Has enough room for multiple people


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