The Banana Car is a four-seat legendary vehicle in Adopt Me!, that is currently obtainable as a prize from gifts.

Much like its contemporary Gift Display legendary vehicles, it is only available for one week at a time, and if a player doesn't purchase it before the deadline, then they must wait before it becomes available as a prize again. It is available for 7 days every 3 weeks. Currently, it shares its weeks with the Choo Choo Train and the Hoverboard.


As the name implies, the Banana Car is a giant banana-shaped vehicle with four seats, a steering wheel, and four black wheels, all of which have a block dot in the center. It also has a minuscule windshield on the front.


The Banana Car is a rather agile vehicle and combined with its four seats, it makes it a very good choice for cruising around the map with friends as its quite easy to control.

One downside to the Banana Car is that its unique shape makes it quite susceptible to tipping over, especially if it's baby-sized. It is also quite a challenge to obtain, especially for newer players as it is a legendary vehicle. However, it is one of the more easily obtainable legendary vehicles due to it being a Gift prize.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Rather agile compared to other four-seater vehicles

More susceptible to tipping over due to its quirky shape. It alsoย jerks around a lot which is not the best.

Can seat up to four players/pets The handling is better than most vehicles, but it sacrifices its speed for handling.
A legendary It is a Gift Display legendary, which means it is only available for a limited time every few weeks.
Looks like a banana Hard to obtain due to its rarity
Currently obtainable Not a fast vehicle, if players are in a rush, this isn't a good vehicle.



  • The Banana Car is one of the 4 banana-themed items in the game, the others being the Banana Pogo, Banana Plush, and Banana Stroller.
  • It is the only four-seat vehicle that can be obtained from Gifts.
  • The banana car was also available last year, 2019.
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