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The Balloon Stroller is a limited ultra-rare stroller in Adopt Me!. The Balloon Stroller could be found in the Baby Shop and purchased for Bucks.png 1,500.

The Balloon Stroller is only used to transport a baby or pet and does not have any other uses. It can only transport one baby or pet at a time, as it only has one seat. It does not have any effects. It was removed from the game on June 24, 2021, and now can only be obtained through trading.


The Balloon Stroller features a large striped balloon, tethered with six strings to a brown and beige cart which hovers above the ground. It has a brown and yellow seat where babies or pets can sit. Players can customize the color of the stripes of the balloon upon purchase; however, this color cannot be changed after the player purchases the item or when the stroller is traded.


  • Although the Balloon Stroller floats slightly off the ground, it cannot fly. There are no flying strollers currently in Adopt Me!.
  • The Balloon Stroller is a miniature version of the Hot Air Balloon.
  • The Balloon Stroller also used to be found in the Sky Castle, but was moved to the Baby Shop.