AMBaby Shop

The Baby Shop, just as its name suggests, is a store in Adopt Me! where players can buy items for babies. Its NPC shopkeeper is Eda. It used to be located in the center of Adoption Island, but it was relocated near the Playground in order to make room for the Hat Shop.


The Baby Shop's exterior's appearance is mainly bright pink and white, with neon orange-colored windows. Over the door is a striped pink and white awning. The awning stretches from over the door to the right side of the building. Tiny trees dot the sides of the building. Under the big window on the front-facing wall, the words "Baby Shop" could be found. There is a small balcony on the top of the building, where four tiny trees and a non-functional door can be found. At the top of the Baby Shop is a giant stroller, showcasing an item that is found inside. This store has the most variety in the items it sells out of all the shops that are present in Adopt Me!

Items Available

This is a list of merchandise sold at the Baby Shop.

Item Price
Baby Formula Bucks 20
Baby Bottle Bucks 4
Unicorn Rattle Bucks 275
Doge Rattle Bucks 175
Squid Rattle Bucks 475
Duck Rattle Bucks 100
Rattle Bucks 50
Throne Stroller Bucks 1,250
Rocket Ship Stroller Bucks 500
Rainbow Stroller Bucks 2,000
Car Stroller Bucks 450
Droplet Stroller Bucks 300
Double Stroller Bucks 135
Balloon Stroller Bucks 1,500
Stroller Bucks 100
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