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The Baby Shop, as its name suggests, is a store in Adopt Me! where players can buy items for babies. Its NPC shopkeeper is Eda. The Baby Shop used to be located in the center of Adoption Island, where the School is now. It was relocated near the Playground in order to make room for the Accessory Shop.


The Baby Shop's exterior is pastel pink, periwinkle, and white, with curved neon-orange windows. A group of clouds stretches around the right side of the building, just above the door. Plants and small trees wrap around the sides. The words "Baby Shop" are written under the window on the front-facing wall. On the top of the building, there is a balcony featuring trees and a non-functional door.

A large baby bottle is featured on a sign on the right side of the Baby Shop. On the top of the shop, there is a pink and blue hot air balloon. This is meant for decoration.


This is a list of merchandise that are currently available or were previously sold at the Baby Shop.

Item Price
Baby Bottle Bucks.png 4
Baby Formula Bucks.png 20
Balloon Stroller (Removed) Bucks.png 1,500
Banana Rattle Bucks.png 100
Car Stroller (Removed) Bucks.png 450
Clouds & Rainbow Rattle Bucks.png 400
Doge Rattle (Removed) Bucks.png 175
Double Stroller (Removed) Bucks.png 135
Droplet Stroller (Removed) Bucks.png 300
Duck Rattle (Removed) Bucks.png 100
Golden Maned Unicorn Rattle Bucks.png 615
Hover Stroller Bucks.png 1,150
Llama Rattle Bucks.png 250
Magic Carpet Stroller Bucks.png 400
Magic Moon Stroller Bucks.png 550
Pelican Stroller Bucks.png 800
Princess Stroller Bucks.png 650
Rainbow Stroller (Removed) Bucks.png 2,000
Rattle Bucks.png 50
Rocket Ship Stroller (Removed) Bucks.png 500
Squid Rattle (Removed) Bucks.png 475
Stroller Bucks.png 100
Teacup Stroller Bucks.png 1,450
Throne Stroller (Removed) Bucks.png 1,250
Unicorn Rattle (Removed) Bucks.png 275