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The Baby Formula is a common food item in Adopt Me!. It can be found in the center of the Baby Shop for Bucks.png 20. It is used to boost the hunger and thirst ailments of a baby and can be fed to them when they are riding a player or when they are within a close enough range of the player.

Baby Formula is a very resourceful item since it can fulfill all the surrounding babies’ hunger and thirst ailments with just one use. When the baby eats it, it cures the baby and their pet's ‘hunger’ and ‘thirst’ ailments. It cannot be fed to a pet.


  • The Baby Formula was released when the game was first out. It is still purchasable today, making it one of the oldest food items to be released.
  • In an update, the Baby Formula was changed so that it does not complete an egg's ailments.