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The Axel is a legendary vehicle, which can be obtained by purchasing the Supercars Pack for Robux 1000, which contains it, the Douglas and the Tiffany. It can also be obtained through trading.

As it is part of a gamepass, the Axel cannot be brought as a standalone vehicle.

Handling & Speed

The Axel, being a supercar, has impressive acceleration and speed. This however is largely contrasted to its very poor handling. The Axel is comparable to the GoKart in terms of use, as both can reach really fast speeds but have poor handling. In terms of usability, the Axel is more efficient than the GoKart due to it having a passenger seat. The Axel's speed and handling also match with the other two supercars, as they are in fact mere reskins of each other and don't have any distinguishing features other than their name and appearance.


The Axel is a blue hypercar/coupe, with usual glass windows, black tires, and yellow headlights. The car is strongly based on the real-life model, Lamborghini Veneno.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Can seat up to 2 players The high speed makes it’s hard to steer or control
Very fast Can only be obtained through robux
Looks sleek



  • Despite its metallic look in the inventory, it appears smooth when used. This is also the case with numerous other vehicles.
  • The Axel is the first vehicle that is shown in the vehicles section in the backpack, as all items in the backpack are sorted first by rarity and then alphabetically, and the Axel happens to be a legendary that starts with an A.
  • The Axel is also currently the only legendary vehicle in the game that starts with an A.
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