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The Axel is a two-seater legendary vehicle which could be obtained through purchasing the Supercars Pack for Robux.png 1,000. This gamepass contained the Douglas and the Tiffany along with this vehicle.

The Axel was part of a gamepass, and could only be brought with the other two vehicles it came bundled with. It can now only be obtained through trading, as the Supercars Pack was removed from the game.

Handling & Speed

The Axel, being labelled a 'supercar', has impressive acceleration and speed. This, however, is largely contrasted to its poor maneuverability.

The Axel's speed and handling can be compared with the GoKart, and its other two supercar counterparts, as they are in fact mere reskins of each other. They don't have any distinguishing features other than their name and appearance.


The Axel is a blue supercar with normal glass windows, yellow headlights, and black tires with plain white rims.

The Axel is based on the Lamborghini Veneno; however, it is shorter and lifted slightly higher off the ground compared to the real-life Veneno, possibly to match the cartoony style of other Adopt Me! vehicles.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Can seat up to 2 players. Difficult maneuverability.
Can reach high speeds. Only obtainable through trading.


  • The Axel's name sounds similar to axle, a rod that the wheels of a vehicle are connected to.
  • It is the counterpart of the Douglas and Tiffany. There isn't any distinguishing features between them other than their name and appearance.