The Australian Kelpie is classified as a rare pet and it is one of the pets that can be found in the Aussie Egg (750 Bucks). You have a 27% chance of getting a rare pet, which includes the Emu and the Australian Kelpie, out of an Aussie Egg, leaving an 13.5% chance of getting the Australian Kelpie out of an Aussie Egg.


In the preview, it has black fur, with a light brown underbelly. Its inside ears are the same color as the fur on its belly.

Neon Appearance

The Neon Kelpie has glowing blue ears, feet, nose and underbelly. The Mega Neon version has the same spots glowing that a regular Neon Kelpie would, but in rainbow.

Neon Austrailian Kelpie


A Mega Neon Austrailian Kelpie

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