The Aussie Egg is a legendary egg that was released on February 29, 2020, replacing the Farm Egg. It has perked-up ears dark brown ears, a light brown middle, and a small pouch holding a brown egg, similar to a Kangaroo.

It is the fourth egg so far to be added in the Gumball Machine, which can be found in the Nursery. It was preceded by the Farm Egg, the other two limited Eggs are Safari Egg, Jungle Egg, and it is the second limited egg that sometimes hatches into a common pet after the Farm Egg. The two common pets are the Chicken and Bandicoot. This egg takes 6 tasks to hatch.

Aussie Egg Pets

Pet Image Rarity
Bandicoot Pet
Dingo Pet
Emu Pet
Australian Kelpie
AustralianKelpie Pet
Frog Pet
Koala Pet
Turtle Pet
Kangaroo Pet


  • The Aussie Egg was created because the Adopt Me! developers wanted to help support Animals Australia, due to recent devastating bush-fires and on-going floods at that time, as described on their Twitter.Β 
  • If you zoom into the bodies of the KangarooΒ and the Turtle, you can see a little baby, also known as a joey, inside of the Kangaroo's pocket and three shells inside of the Turtle. These are used and appear during one of the Turtle and Kangaroo's last trick. However, this only happens when they are at the Full Grown stage.Β 
  • Two items known as the Kangaroo Stroller and Kangaroo Pogo had kangaroos on them a long time before the actual pet was released into the game. Β 
  • The Koala was the fourth pet added to the game which is part of the Bear Family along with the Polar Bear, Brown Bear, and Panda. Β 
  • The Aussie Egg itself has 2 Eggs: The Egg, and the little egg in its pouch. Β 
  • It is said that the Aussie Egg will be succeeded by a Dino Egg.
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