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Aurora is an NPC in Adopt Me! that works at the Snowy Igloo Shop. They are a Ribbon Seal and run the Snowy Igloo Shop alongside Burt, their boss. Their task is to introduce players to their shop.


As they are a Ribbon Seal, Aurora has a gray body with white stripes and hind flippers. They also have two beady black eyes, black whiskers, and a gray snout. Aurora appears to be wearing the Cosy Snow Scarf around their neck and a pair of Fluffy Earmuffs over their ears.



When a player interacts with Aurora, this is their dialogue:

"Welcome to my shop! Why do I, a seal, have a shop?"

"Don't ask me, ask Big Clam."

"Now you're wondering, why do I speak?!"

"Ok, listen here. Stop questioning me!"

"Anyway, if you want to adopt a bird, buy a clam and feed it to them."

"It worked for me. I now have a family of 50 albatrosses."

"Honestly, they're a lot to handle. But if you want something else, just look around my shop!"

"Also, my boss Burt says hi...Interesting guy, he runs Big Clam..."