Archer is one of the shopkeepers in Adopt Me!. He is an NPC that sells beverages which include Coffee and Tea in his Coffee Shop. Along with selling Coffee and Tea, Archer sells his drinks alongside the Bees.


“Heyo. I'm glad you came here, I'm really scared right now. We used Honey as our special ingredient in our Coffees... But the Bees have rebelled because they were underpaid, so they've smashed my shop. Beetrice, on your right, is the Queen Bee. She's selling Honey to people. She may help you get a new pet! But please buy a Coffee… I need to think about a new recipe..”


The Coffee Shop (Where you will find Archer and the Bees)


  • It is possible that Beetrice is his enemy for destroying his shop.
  • Archer sells his drinks alongside of Beetrice and her other Bees.

The Coffee Shop Noob

Behind Archer hides a hidden Noob. To get to the Noob, the player would have to equip a Rideable or Flyable pet along with a stroller. The player would then go to the back of the Coffee Shop and take out the Rideable or Flyable pet and place it in the stroller. The player would have to merge the stroller into the wall and ride their pet afterwards.

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 12.41.42 PM

The hidden Noob behind Archer.

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