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The Apple is a common food item in Adopt Me!. It can be consumed three times and fulfills the ‘Hunger’ status of a baby or pet.

As of the 2021 Farm Shop Event, Apples can be found next to the Ham in the Farm Shop.


The Apple is a ripe red apple with a small black stem protruding on top.


  • A variant of the Apple called the Teacher's Apple is located in the room across from the pet room in the School. It can be obtained for free, but it disappears when the player leaves the game.
    • The Teacher's Apple can be "stolen" as a baby or "taken" as a parent, as the game describes, from the Teacher's Desk at the School.
  • When fed to a pet, the Chocolate, Chocolate Twist, and Chocolate Drop all transform into an Apple. The Adopt Me! Developers explain that this is because regular pets cannot eat chocolate in reality without getting sick.
  • Prior to the Farm Shop Event, Apples were bought in Green Groceries.
  • The Apple is also available as furniture item in the Decoration Category. However, it is not interactable as its sole purpose is for decoration.