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The Anti-Gravity Potion is an uncommon potion in Adopt Me! that can be found and purchased at the Sky Castle for Bucks.png 99.


The Anti-Gravity Potion allows the player to jump higher than usual from the ground, as there is less gravity. This potion can be stacked; players can drink more potions to significantly increase the height of their jumps.


The Anti-Gravity potion is stored in a clear, triangular shaped bottle with a slight curve in the middle. It has a dark gray cap and players can visibly see the black liquid inside.


  • It can also be brewed in an Anti-Gravity Cauldron in a player's house. An Anti-Gravity Cauldron costs Bucks.png 3,000 and produces 1 potion per 1 minute and 15 seconds.
  • In most vehicles, if a player has had an Anti-Gravity Potion, the vehicle will slow down and a “drift” effect will be present.
  • If the player drinks at least 1 Anti-Gravity Potion and uses a couple of Hyperspeed Potions, it is possible for them to get to Sky Castle without paying for the Hot Air Balloon.