Anna is an NPC in the nursery. She can be found standing on the desk near the Basic Cribs. She serves the purpose of giving baby players, who wait in the Nursery, to parents.


This is what Anna says when players speak to her.

"Goo goo, ga ga. Hehehe, I'm only kidding. This is where you come to be adopted! I already have a family, but I'm just here to make new friends! Can you be my friend?"


  • She is one of the skins in Arsenal, where players can type in the code "ANNA" to claim the skin.
  • She is briefly mentioned in Bee Swarm Simulator to summon nighttime. (It says "πŸŒ™ That little girl from Adopt Me! has summoned nighttime... πŸŒ™")
  • She appears on the Anna Rattle and on the signs near the tunnel to the Adoption Island and to the Neighborhood.


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