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The Angelic Propeller is an ultra-rare toy released as an item of the Star Rewards update in Adopt Me!. It can be obtained after gaining 300 Stars from the Star Rewards, which is equivalent to logging in for 110 days. To interact with this item, the player can click anywhere on their screen to be propelled upwards. To stop, a player must jump while the propeller is in use.


The Angelic Propeller features a propeller with a pair of white wings on top, attached to a yellow pole at the bottom.


  • The top of the propeller has wings similar to the default wings some pets grow when fed a Fly-A-Pet Potion. Like the wings grown on a pet's back, the wings on the Angelic Propeller leave an iridescent pink trail when being held by a player.
  • Unlike most propellers, the method it seems to use to get into the air is flapping, instead of rotating in a circle.
  • The Angelic Propeller is similar to the Airplane Propeller and the Drone Propeller, as they can all be obtained from the Star Rewards.