Theย Angelic Propellerย is classified as an ultra-rare Toy released for the Star Rewards update in Adopt Me!. To propel upwards click anywhere on the screen. To stop the propeller, you must jump while they areย in the sky, which will drop the player down. This toy can be obtained by getting 300 Stars from the Star Rewards. This is similar to the Airplane Propeller and the Drone Propeller. It can take a player to the Sky Castle without purchasing a ride through the Hot Air Balloon.


  • The top of the propeller has wings that look like the ones some pets grow when fed a Fly-A-Pet Potion. Like the wings grown on a pet's back, the wings on the Angelic Propeller leave a shiny pink trail when held.
    Angelic Propellor on the ground

    A stationary player holding the Angelic Propellor.

Angelic Propellor in the air

The Angelic Propellor in use.

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