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The Ammonite Flying Disc (formerly known as Ammonite Frisbee) is an uncommon toy in Adopt Me!, that could previously be found when excavating for fossils at the Fossil Isle Excavation. To interact with this item, a player can click or press their screen to throw. When thrown, a player's equipped pet will fetch it and bring it back to the player. This item can now only be obtained through trading as its respective event has left.


The Ammonite Flying Disc features a pinkish-orange and light blue striped shell.


  • The Ammonite Flying Disc is the only flying disc that players could obtain from the Fossil Isle Excavation.
  • Upon release, The Ammonite Flying Disc had a glitch which caused it to take on the appearance of the Amber Bone while equipped by a player, but this has been fixed.