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The Airplane Propeller is an ultra-rare toy in Adopt Me! that could have previously been obtained through opening Small, Big, or Massive Gifts for Bucks.png 70, Bucks.png 199, or Bucks.png 499 respectively.

It can propel a player up in the sky if they click anywhere on the screen. To stop flying, the player can jump. If a player is riding, flying, or holding a pet while using the propeller, the item will not propel the player.

As of the 2021 Gift Refresh update, the Gifts were replaced with another set of items. It now can only be obtained through trading.


The Airplane Propeller features a long-handled, brown propeller, which is connected to a small circular gray plate.


  • Players can go left and right while flying with this propeller through directing their movement in the respective direction.
  • If a player double-clicks the space bar, the propeller will go up, if a player clicks the space bar once while in the air, it will go down.